Adventist Youth Society

The AYS program begins at 4PM every Saturday.


Anyone interested in preparing for baptism, please speak to Pastor Wildman or Elder Andriarimalala.

Building Fund

Thanks to all of our members who made pledges toward out building fund. May God continue to bless you abundantly as you give sacrificially to build a temple so that men, women, and children in this community will have a place to worship God when they accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Church Bulletin

Please call in all bulletin items by Wednesday to Sis. Audrey Barnes (570-243-7978). All emergency announcements should be given to the Clerk on duty no later than 10:45 AM on Sabbath. Thank you for your cooperation.


Pathfinders and Adventurers will be meeting immediately after lunch in the fellowship hall downstairs.

Sick & Shut-int Members

Please Remember to pray for, call, and visit our sick and shit in members:
Brother Shame Haynes: 570-982-6194

Prayer Meeting

Prayer meeting is every Wednesday evening at 7:30 PM

Fasting and Prayer

There will be prayer and fasting on Sabbath February 6th 2010. Pastor Wildman is requesting that all Mt. Pocono Temple members fast and pray every Tuesday for God's guidance and direction in obtaining a building for our own for worhsip.

Sancuary Decorum

Please refrain from chewing gum or eating in the sancuary. No one will be allowed to enter of leave the sanctuary when someone is speaking. Please do not woalk in the center isle once the red barrier has been put on. Please remember to turn off all cell phones when you are in the sanctuary. Thank you for your cooperation.
~The Usher's Department

Church Board Meeting

There will be a church board meeting on Sabbath February 6th after church. All board members please take note.

Adventurer Sponsors

All those who would like to sponsor a child or amke a contribution to purchase and adventurer uniform for a child, please see Sister Nichola Ingram or put your donation in the tithe envelope and specify it's for "Adventurer Uniform."

Personal Ministry

There will be a meetings after lunch

Men's Ministry

There will be a men's ministry meeting on Sunday February 31st. Location and time will be announced.

Church Budget

All departments please bring in your budgets.

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